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An educational program developed by the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery of Strasbourg, University of Strasbourg.


Fundamentals of Endoscopy



Endoscopy is the mainstay of minimally invasive interventions. In fact, endoscopic videos guide surgeons and clinicians during procedures. In this module we are going to be exploring how endoscopy is used in several clinical settings.

9 lessons

9 speakers

02:47 hours



To learn the fundamentals of endoscopic procedures across clinical settings


Gastrointestinal & Biliary Endoscopy

Gastrointestinal endoscopy is continuously evolving to better diagnose and treat diseases of the digestive tract and adjacent organs. Directly from an hybrid operating room, Dr.

16 min Ivo Boškoski

Digital Hysteroscopy: Present & Future

In this lecture we will focus on what hysteroscopy is and on the different hysteroscopic instruments. We will explore the new possibility to integrate endoscopic images with tridimensional ultrasound images.

20 min Ursula Catena

Endoscopy in General Surgery: Laparoscopy

Laparoscopy has revolutionized surgical care. In this lecture, Prof. Dallemagne, a pioneer of the field, overviews the evolution of minimally invasive abdominal surgery from the first scopes to AI assistance.


26 min Bernard Dallemagne

Arthroscopy in Orthopaedic Surgery

This short presentation aim is to give you a general overview of arthroscopy. This endoscopic procedure has been a true revolution in the history of orthopaedic surgery, providing an efficient, safe and reliable alternative to open surgery.

7 min Marco Delcogliano

Robotic-assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery

This lecture will introduce the concept of minimally invasive surgery, including robotic surgery, and the advantages and drawbacks of minimally invasive surgery. The current status of robotic surgery will also be covered.

19 min Woo Jin Hyung

Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery

Endonasal transsphenoidal approaches to the skull base are emerging as the first-line approach for resecting the majority of pituitary adenomas which require surgical intervention.

20 min Hani Marcus

Respiratory endoscopy

Respiratory endoscopy is key to the diagnosis and often treatment of diseases of the thorax.

19 min Rocco Trisolini

Endoscopic Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic surgery is a surgical discipline dealing with diseases of the chest and presents a rich opportunity for data science analysis.

17 min Kenneth Patrick Seastedt

Endoscopy in Urology

In this lecture, Dr. Bertolo will introduce us to endourology, demonstrating endourological procedures and equipment.

23 min Riccardo Bertolo